DGfS Annual Conference 2011


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Arrival and orientation

Information on how to reach Göttingen can be found at the university website. There, you will also find information on getting around Göttingen, the location of the university, a city map for download and an overview of the university itself.


The conference takes place at the Humanities campus of the University of Göttingen (“Bereich Campus”).

The lectures of the theme sessions take place in the Verfügungsgebäude (VG). The conference office and plenary sessions are in the Central Auditorium (Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude, ZHG).

The Google Map below shows these two locations and also includes the location of the Mensa am Turm, where the conference dinner takes place, and the Apex, the location of the get-together on Tuesday.

View DGfS 2011 Göttingen in a larger map